An Effective Statistics Approach to Secure Data File through Forbidden Zone Data Hiding Technique


  • Tyler Taylor, Justin Rogers



Video Steganography is a strategy wherein we can conceal a wide range of documents with any extension into a carrying Video document. Right now, are utilizing two fundamental wording that is have host file and carrier file where host file is a hidden file (any sort of record like content document, picture document, and sound/video document) and carrier file must be a video record. The primary inspiration of this paper is to make sure about moving of information by utilizing steganography and cryptography system. It is worried about implanting data in a harmless spread media in a safe and hearty way. Right now expositions we are utilizing Forbidden Zone Data Hiding strategy where no modification is required in have signal range during information hidden procedure. To safely moving the information record, we use video information covering up and utilizing revision limit of rehash gather code with predominance of taboo zone information stowing away. Utilizing this methodology we can likewise stow away and move the enormous video record whose size is bigger than spread record in secure way. The principle favorable position of utilizing video record sequestered from everything data is the additional protection from of the outsider or unintended beneficiary because of the overall multifaceted nature of video contrasted with picture and sound document. I have effectively actualized the proposed system of video information hiding utilizing forbidden zone datahiding strategy (FZDH) on content document, picture record, sound record and video document. The exceptional element is that we can hide the bigger size video record behind the smaller size cover record.




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Tyler Taylor, Justin Rogers. (2019). An Effective Statistics Approach to Secure Data File through Forbidden Zone Data Hiding Technique. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 68(1), 01–07.