Exponential Generalized Half Logistic Distribution


  • Basma M. Zwain


In this work, we introduce a new distribution, the Odd Exponential Half Logistic Distribution(OEHLD), by expanding the half logistic distribution(HLD) to boost its adaptability.The survival function, the hazard rate function, the order statistics, the quantiles, the median, and the asymptotic confidence bounds are all derived.After obtaining a new distribution. The new obtained parameters are estimated by using the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) method to fit the new distribution.To choose the most appropriate distribution for the data, a comparison was performed using goodness-of-fit metrics.




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M. Zwain, . B. (2022). Exponential Generalized Half Logistic Distribution . Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(3s3), 195–201. Retrieved from https://www.philstat.org.ph/index.php/MSEA/article/view/360