A Study of the Factors that Affect the Performance of the Supply Chain with Reference to Sme in Chennai City


  • Gayathri R, Dr. Priya annamalai


A small medium enterprise (SME) with a strong supply chain can improve its capacity to address difficulties. In reality, many SMEs continue to struggle with supply chain management due to a variety of reasons impacting their implementation. Adaptability is a critical factor in supply chain success. A growing number of firms have realized the need of improving SCM. It is one of the most important characteristics that influences the outcomes of a supply chain's operation. Many academics point to flexibility as a key source of gaining and sustaining a long-term competitive advantage, one of the most important criteria ensuring the success of supply chain's ,or a major supply chain development megatrend. The main objective of the article was to study the factors affecting supply chain management and to measure the impact of the factors on the supply chain management. 100 Small and medium scale manufacturing companies have been selected as sample using simple random technique in Chennai City. In the present study researcher adopted a Friedman ranking and regression analysis to study the various factors and their influence on the SCM performance. The conclusions and considerations of the study, deals about how the determinants in this study of supply chain performance in an industry cluster have contributed to supply chain performance. According to the findings of the research, the supply chain structure, inventory control management, customer demand, and lead time of the supply chain management all have a substantial impact on the overall enactment of the supply chain. 




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Gayathri R, Dr. Priya annamalai. (2022). A Study of the Factors that Affect the Performance of the Supply Chain with Reference to Sme in Chennai City. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(4), 633–643. Retrieved from https://www.philstat.org.ph/index.php/MSEA/article/view/542